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Low Carbon Solutions

About the Division

The next great emission challenge and opportunity lies in developing innovative systems that satisfy the scale, durability, and efficiency requirements for managing CO2 and other GHGs.

Since the inception of the LCS Division (formerly known as the CEM Division), ICAC has successfully provided technical guidance to U.S. DOE, EPA, other policymakers, and potential customers on methane control and the clean hydrogen economy. ICAC has identified many opportunities for new growth in the hydrogen, methane, and other low-carbon solutions space.

Low Carbon Solutions

How can we work together to

Governments and businesses committing to a net-zero future face many challenges and low-carbon technologies can help deliver both near-term and long-term solutions. ICAC members have experience bringing innovative technologies from the lab to successful commercialization. Policymakers rely on this expertise to craft smart and stable policies that promote long-term market growth.


Building government support

based on the mutual benefits of securing global leadership in a technology set that will be critical to achieving decarbonization goals

Educating policymakers

on the need for carbon management technologies even in high-renewable deployment scenarios

Drafting Technical Guidance

that policymakers and industry members use to craft smart, sustainable policies and regulatory timelines


with both regulated sector organizations and environmental organizations to increase the likelihood of success for advocacy efforts

Creating market opportunities

with technology-neutral support for low-carbon solutions that allow ICAC members to compete for business in those markets

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March 27, 2024

ICAC Response to DOE Request for Information
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