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About Us

The Institute of Clean Air Companies

About ICAC

About ICAC

The ICAC is comprised of both industry veterans and emerging companies, representing a diverse array of air pollution control technologies, measuring and monitoring systems, low-carbon solutions, and equipment and services in the U.S. and abroad.

As a membership organization, ICAC provides its members with resources and tools to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and provides platforms for members to develop technology-focused white papers, buying guides, and rule comments. ICAC collaborates with government, business, public, and private groups to ensure that the industry has an active voice and that its products and technologies are properly represented and understood.

Our Focus

The Technical Resource for Regulators and Industry

Share Your Expertise Through Our Technical Divisions, and Become an Industry Leader

Contributing to unbiased white papers, technical briefings, and meetings, you enhance your company’s influence and better navigate regulations and expand market opportunities. Be an active participant in the air pollution control and monitoring technology sector and ensure that your company and its technologies are best represented and understood.

Low Carbon Solutions

Domestic Conventional Pollutants

Emissions Measurement

International Markets

Low Carbon Solutions

Our Mission

To be the voice of the air pollution control, monitoring, and carbon emissions management industries by providing technical information relevant to flexible clean air policies based on practical, achievable, and measurable emissions reductions.

Our Vision

To achieve a balance between air quality and industrial growth by providing credible, high-quality technical information.

Our Values

  • To provide credible, high-quality, reliable information to government entities and relevant industry partners
  • Encourage policies that are open to innovation and new technology
  • Connect industry members to work together to solve complex environmental challenges
  • Treat all stakeholders equally and with respect
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Value Proposition Of ICAC Membership

Lawful Exchange Of Technical Information

A forum for the lawful exchange of technical information and standards development

Representation Of Member Interest

Credible, influential representation of member interest in policy discussions

Timely Industry And Regulatory Information

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Venues For Networking Opportunities

Venues for networking opportunities with decision-makers in the APC industry

Access To Technical And Regulatory Experts

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Access To Relevant Governmental Information

Access to relevant governmental information on APC policy

Technology Forums

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Represent The Members To Press

To represent the members to trade press and other media outlets

Collaboration Yields Results

Member Benefits

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Collaboration Yields Results

Year in Review

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Membership FAQ

What Are Members-Only Resources and Benefits

Clean Air Connection

an exclusive newsletter for members


with timely insight and analysis

EPA Roundtable

an annual flagship event with members and EPA staff

Meetings with International Delegates

to open new markets

Breaking News

up to date news alerts and market analysis

Market Analysis

from AJW staff and leading industry experts

Leadership Opportunities

for junior and mid-career professionals


prepared in our technical divisions set standards for the industry

What Types of Memberships Does ICAC Offer?

Regular Members

Any firm, corporation, company, partnership, other business organization or entity, or any subsidiary or division thereof engaged, through sales, manufacturing or processing activities, in the design and/or supply of air pollution control systems, products, equipment, or processes.

Associate Members

Any contractor, supplier of equipment components, repair services or consultants to the air pollution control industry shall be eligible to apply for Associate membership. Associate Members shall not hold office or be entitled to vote except as may be specifically authorized herein.

How are Membership Dues and Payments Structured?

Membership dues are tiered based on the member companies’ projected annual air pollution control sales revenue*. Each ICAC member company is requested to self-categorize their membership dues level at the end of the prior calendar year. The dues categories are considered commitments that are then used in the aggregate to support the ICAC budget in its following fiscal year.

The ICAC fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Because self-categorization becomes a commitment, the Membership Dues Form needs to be completed by the company’s corporate or alternate ICAC representative, or an authorized person in the company. The category each member selects is confidential, with invoicing handled exclusively by ICAC headquarters staff.

For additional information on dues and applying for membership, please contact Clare Schulzki ([email protected]), Executive Director, or Jordan Flanagan, Programs and Policy Associate ([email protected]).

Collaboration Yields Results

Let’s work together!

A small investment in ICAC membership can help unlock a multi-billion dollar global business opportunity.

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