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Emissions Measurement Division

About the Division

The Emissions Measurement Division’s work overlaps all ICAC divisions as accurate measurements of pollutants are the foundation for addressing the nation’s climate and environmental justice concerns.

Many air pollutants have numerical emission limitations, which are measured by sophisticated equipment due to the low concentrations left after air pollution controls have completed their work. Some pollutants are not directly measured, but parameters that indicate the proper functioning of process equipment are measured to indicate compliance with the regulations.  An often overlooked aspect of emissions measurement is emissions measurement reporting software that electronically submits test results to state environmental agencies in order to fulfill the source’s mandatory compliance obligations.


Building support in government

based on the benefits of securing global leadership in a technology-set that will be critical to successfully addressing climate and environmental justice challenges.

Educating policymakers

on the need for measurement and monitoring technologies

Collaborating with regulated sector organizations and environmental organizations

to increase the likelihood of success for advocacy efforts

Creating market opportunities

with technology-neutral support for low-carbon solutions that allow ICAC members to compete for business in those markets

Collaboration Yields Results

Let’s work together!

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March 27, 2024

ICAC Response to DOE Request for Information
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