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Domestic Conventional Pollutants

Domestic Conventional Pollutants

About the Division

As countries around the world continue to industrialize while working to address climate impacts, there are occasionally tradeoffs where a decarbonizing solution may overall reduce emissions, but may increase new pollutants, such as flue gas emissions from some carbon capture technologies. As such, ICAC members are experts in critical pollution control that can ensure safe decarbonization.

Pollutants the Division Works With

NOx, PM/SOx, HAPS, HCl, Hg, H20, EPC, Ash Handling, VOC’s

Regulations the Division Works With

PM NAAQS, CS APR/ Ozone NAAQS, Fracking, NSPS, MACT/RTR, Regional Haze, ELG, NSR, CCR/Ash


Building Government Support

based on the mutual benefits of securing global leadership in a technology-set that will be critical to achieving decarbonization goals.

Educating Policymakers

through collaborative sessions, including our EPA roundtables, while maintaining a technology-neutral stance

Drafting Technical Guidance

that policymakers and industry members use to craft smart, sustainable policies and regulatory timelines


with both regulated sector organizations and environmental organizations to increase the likelihood of success for advocacy efforts

Creating Market Opportunities

as the industry changes and highlighting the critical role pollution control technologies will play in global emissions reductions

Collaboration Yields Results

Let’s work together!

A small investment in ICAC membership can help unlock a multi-billion dollar global business opportunity.

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March 27, 2024

ICAC Response to DOE Request for Information
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